Senator Schumer urges bike-friendly bridge construction

After months of advocacy, NYBC and partners have gained a powerful ally in the effort to include biking and walking on a key bridge reconstruction. Yesterday, May 7th, NYBC Executive Director Brian Kehoe stood with a host of politicians and advocates with Senator Charles Schumer in an important press event at Albany’s Corning Preserve. Senator Schumer unequivocally directed CSX, Amtrak and the NYS Department of Transportation to build the new Livingston Avenue Railroad bridge with bicyclists and pedestrians in mind. The Senator clearly articulated the economic, health and transportation benetis that would result from constructing a multi-modal cross-Hudson connector in the heart of the Capital Region.

After meeting Schumer, NYBC’s Kehoe stated that “Senator Schumer’s involvement at this early point in the project design is very timely. The Coalition anticipates productive engagement with all project stakeholders as this critical project moves forward. We deeply appreciate the Senator’s support for bicycling.”

Many community leaders attended the press event to voice support for the bicycle / walkway plan, including State Assemblymen McEneny and Canestrari, Albany Mayor Jennings, Albany and Rennsalaer County Executives and Albany City Council-members.

 More work remains to be done to ensure that this key connector is a facility fit for the 21st Century, one that safely accomodates multiple travel modes.  Please visit the website of the Livingston Avenue RR Bridge Coalition. Take Action and sign our petition. Contact your elected offcials and NYSDOT and tell tham that the Capital Region must emulate the tremendous success of the Walkway Over the Hudson (Poughkeepsie, NY). For more information contact

For news coverage of Senator Schumer’s support, follow the links below:

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