Tom Polk Conducts an NYBC Edcuational Class

During 2018 Education Director Ken Crandall, Assistant Education Director Tom Polk, and NYBC’s safety ambassadors dropped in all over the state, with a special emphasis on documented crash hot spots.

From Long Island to Plattsburgh to Buffalo, they delivered education services to both cyclists and motorists.

NYBC’s safety videos and online quizzes continue to get thousands of views, according to Crandall. In 2018 over 17,000 pieces of important safety information were distributed, including the very popular Pocket Guide. NYBC Staff and Ambassadors instructed in person with seminars, classes, and public presentations, providing thousands of individuals with skills to be confident and safe road users.

These presentations included the recently developed Bicycle Friendly Driver program, which helps motorists be safer and more conscientious when sharing the road with cyclists and pedestrians. The first of what will be many of these “BFD” presentations was made to UPS drivers based out of the Latham, NY facility.

The education team has also been busy presenting the NYBC Walk Safe/Bike Safe Curriculum to elementary school students. The material that includes bicycle and pedestrian safety education has been integrated into the regular physical education program in a variety of districts including the Rochester City School District.

Expanding education offerings in high on the priority list for 2019, with plans to increase the number of classes and presentations offered and work to certify more League of American Bicyclists instructors.

New videos, print materials, and innovative curricula to help train cyclists and motorists are also being developed to make the roads safer for all users and pave the way for more people to choose their bicycles as their favorite way to travel, exercise, or recreate.