3ft Safe Passing - Respect

Making 3’ Safe Passing a Reality
in New York State

What is 3’ Safe Passing?

The 3’ Safe Passing Law establishes that a motorist must give bicyclists three feet of space between the bicycle and a vehicle when overtaking a bicyclist on the road. This is the standard in most states and NYBC is working to enact this law in New York as well.

3’ Safe Passing laws provide a clear definition of what a “safe distance” is for motorists when overtaking bicyclists on the road and provide a mechanism for enforcement by police. 

Unfortunately, New York State is now in the minority when it comes to the 3-foot standard, and the lack of a Safe Passing law is one of many factors keeping our state's League of American Bicycling Bike Friendly ranking at 13 out of the fifty states. A three foot passing bill has been introduced by Assemblyman Phil Steck. It is bill number A547


NYBC's Advocacy Committee, will continue working to bring this important bill to a vote to improve safety for all New York State cyclists.


How to make 3’ Safe Passing a reality in NYS

  • Write to Assemblyman William B. Magnarelli, Chair of the NYS Assembly Transportation Committee, requesting that he allow a vote on the bill and to Assemblyman Phil Steck, who sponsors the bill, to thank him for sponsoring the bill again this year.
  • Click on the bill link to see if your Assembly Member is already listed as a co-sponsor. If not, ask your Assembly Member to sign on. If so, thank your Assembly Member for being a co-sponsor. Contact your state senator and ask them to become a sponsor of the bill in the senate. You can find your local state representatives in the Assembly and in the Senate.
  • Plan a 3’ Safe Passing ride to raise awareness.
  • Be part of our network! Individuals and organizations who are interested in bicycle/pedestrian issues, environmental sustainability, disability rights, safety, seniors, and others all have a stake in helping to pass this legislation!
  • Every bit counts. Please make a targeted donation to the NYBC's Advocacy efforts.


More about 3’ Safe Passing Advocacy Efforts

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