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New York Bicycling Coalition is the only statewide organization focused primarily on cycling. Our unique role is to unite, inspire, and support the New York cycling community and to provide a cohesive voice for people who ride bikes across New York State.

We support everyone who rides - kids on their way to school, athletes burning up the miles, tourists enjoying New York's beauty on our trail systems, delivery people earning a living - and every other kind of walker or biker! 

We advocate for statewide and federal changes to create transportation-friendly design, policy, and infrastructure so that every New Yorker can get where they need to go safely on foot or two wheels. Read about each of our current campaigns and how you can make a difference by clicking the orange buttons.

We also partner with local advocates and organizations to understand issues and support campaigns in communities throughout New York. Please get in touch with us if you are working on a local campaign or initative that you want to share with us. What we learn from local organizations helps inform our statewide and national policy and legislative campaigns!

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