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Local laws and supportive resolutions are an important way to communicate local priorities to the state legislature. Has your community passed a local resolution that we should know about? Please share it with us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Defined Safe Passing – Local Laws

New York is one of only four states rated F or F+ in the League of American Bicyclists Traffic Laws & Practices category. This is in large part because NYS is one of only 10 states that does not have a law requiring a specific distance that motorists must allow when overtaking or passing a cyclist. NYBC is advocating for a state law that would provide this protection not only to cyclists, but also to pedestrians including wheelchair users. Meanwhile local municipalities are passing local laws to protect cyclists within their boundaries:

Safety Stop/Idaho Stop - Supporting Resolutions

Stop as Yield (aka Idaho Stop) would allow cyclists to treat stop lights as stop signs, and stop signs as yields. A3986 passed the Assembly in 2023. NYBC and the NYS Safe Streets Coalition is advocating for this bill to be passed by the NYS Senate in 2024.

Safer 25 mph speed limits - Local Laws

In 2022 Governor Hochul signed legislation which authorizes cities, villages and certain towns to adopt area speed limits as low as 25 MPH (Chapter 496 of 2022, hereinafter “Chapter 496”).  Some communities have adopted new local laws reducing their area speed limits to 25 

Unfortunately, NYSDOT some localities are finding that they are being required, or encouraged to complete burdensome and expensive engineering studies which has prevented safer speed limits from being implemented.  Local municipalities have joined with NYBC and the NYS Safe Streets Coalition to advocate for a change to NYSDOT policy to make it easier for local communities to lower their speed limits and make their communities safer for everyone.(NYSSSC letter to DOT November 2023)

NYS Safe Streets Coalition 23-24 package of bills - Supporting Resolution

NYBC Cochairs the NYS Safe Streets Coalition. Each year the Coalition identifies a small number of priority bills. We welcome local councils, boards, and legislatures to pass resolutions endorsing the NYS Streets Coalition Bill Package.

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