NYS tourism: Bikes on Board Amtrak Trains

How does “Bikes on Board Trains” work?

The New York Bicycling Coalition is working towards improved efficiency, accessibility, and convenience for train passengers who would like to travel with their bicycles through Amtrak trains roll-on service.

Several years ago, NYBC became a voice within the Amtrak Bicycle Services Task Force to advocate for roll-on service on New York corridor routes via an onboard bicycle rack system in passenger cars. Presently, bicycles are required to be disassembled and boxed in order to be carried on to a train. For many cyclists, this makes it too inconvenient to travel with a bike. Primarily, it means that most people cannot use a bicycle to travel to and from the train station. Second, it discourages tourists and commuters from traveling by passenger rail.

NYBC would like to see roll-on bicycle service on the Adirondack, Maple Leaf, Ethan Allen and Empire route trains in order to encourage bicycle travel and tourism. Doing so would connect tens of thousands of cyclists in New York City, Montreal, and Toronto with beautiful, bike-friendly areas in New York State.

While Amtrak has made statements in support of adding roll-on service in New York, and even held some “demonstration rides” several years ago, we’re still working toward a solution. Not all trains are engineered the same way, but adding bicycle racks to each passenger car to accommodate additional bikes is the objective that NYBC would like to achieve.

With your support, we can continue to work with our to partners to get roll-on service on trains throughout New York.