NYBC published its first Improving Bicyclist and Pedestrian Safety Manual in 2002. The purpose of the manual was to provide everyone, from grassroots advocates to state agency bureaucrats, a holistic path to creating a safe and shared multi-modal transportation system that specifically accounted for the most vulnerable road users. NYBC is in process of updating this document to reflect current strategies and tactics, drawing upon our deep relationships with advocates, planners, and former bureaucrats.

Since then, momentum has grown as more people turn to human-powered and multi-modal transportation to navigate increasingly congested roads. Governing authorities at all levels are updating their laws and changing the methodologies to administer funding for infrastructure improvements that account for vulnerable road users. Planners and engineers increasingly account for bicyclist and pedestrians in their blueprints.

Special thanks to the following individuals for their wisdom and guidance on this resource: Josh Wilson, Matt Van Slyke, Ivan Vamos, Rich Brustman, Rich DiSarra and Harvey Botzman.

For additional information at the federal level, take a look at the US DOT Transportation Toolkit.