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Sharing the Road - Bicycle Law in New York State

This pair of videos addresses the rights and responsiblities of road users in New York State and how they are affected by New York State vehicle and traffic laws.

Sharing the Road: Part 1

Understand New York State vehicle and traffic laws and how they pertain to motorists when driving in the vicinity of bicyclists.


Sharing the Road: Part 2

Understand New York State vehicle and traffic laws and how they pertain to bicyclists when operating their bicycles on public roadways.



New York Cycling Guide

This series of short, shareable videos created by the Education Department of the New York Bicycling Coalition answers many of the simple, common questions that many newer cyclists have. From how to properly lock your bike to how to navigate through a complex intersection, these videos will help give you the confidence you need to get out and enjoy your bicycle.

Most of these videos were funded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration with a grant from the New York State Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee

NY Cycling Guide: Sharing a Multi-Use Trail

Multi-use trails are a great way to see the state on a bike. Just follow these few simple tips to keep yourself, and everyone else, safe.


NY Cycling Guide: Railroad Crossings

Crossing railroad tracks on a bicycle can be challenging and dangerous. Follow these tips to stay safe.


NY Cycling Guide: Locking Up

Properly securing your bike to prevent theft is an important part of safe daily bike use. This video outlines the methods and equipment that can help keep your ride safe.


NY Cycling Guide: Signaling

Proper signaling is vitally important for cyclists to make their intentions known to other road users and ride safely in traffic.


NY Cycling Guide: Lights and Sounds

What does NY State require for visibility when operating a bicycle after dark? What do you need to be seen and be safe? What about bells? Having the right equipment and using it correctly can literally save your life while riding.


NY Cycling Guide: Intersection Positioning

Learn how to properly position yourself in traffic so you can flow smoothly along with other vehicles through an intersection


NY Cycling Guide: Helmet Fit

A properly fitted helmet is crucial in assuring rider safety in the event of a crash. Learn how to adjust your helmet to provide maximum protection.


NY Cycling Guide: The "Dutch Reach"

Motorists have a responsibility to make sure the road is clear of cyclists and other road users before opening their door into traffic. Using "The Reach" can prevent injury and even death is practiced every time you open your door.


NY Cycling Guide: ABC Pre-Ride Bike Check

Making sure your bike is in good condition before each ride is an important part of riding safely. See how to perform an ABC Quick Check to ensure your bike is ready to go.


All these videos are licensed under the Creative Commons Non-Commercial No-Derivs License.

Credit to New York Bicycling Coalition would be appreciated.

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