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tourism3NYBC supports bike tourism in New York

The State of New York offers an unparalleled diversity of bicycling opportunities that attract travelers from near and far, from young families to international bicycle touring enthusiasts. If you like to travel with your bike, there is a bike route, trail or event for you in New York State.

  • Bicycles Mean Business
    Multiple studies have shown the connection between bike-based tourism and positive economic impact.
  • Bicycling participants spend $83 billion on 'trip-related' sales (bicycle tourism) and generate $97 billion in retail spending. Bicycle recreation spending also contributes to the creation of 848,000 jobs.
  • Parks & Trails New York reports the Erie Canalway Trail, alone, brings in $253 million in Trail Tourism Sales.


Bicycle Events & Destinations

NYBC provides a free, comprehensive online calendar of bicycling events. Event organizers can submit information for inclusion.

NYBC promotes bicycle tourism throughout the state through its partnerships with tour operators, tourism promotion agencies, and chambers of commerce.


tourism2Traveling with Bicycles

We also recognize the importance of connecting large population centers with upstate bicycle tourism destinations via affordable, accessible rail transportation. That’s why we are advocating for roll-on bicycle service on New York’s Amtrak corridor routes. Roll-on bicycle service means tourists can ride their bicycles to the station, take the train to their next destination, and continue their ride without the burden of disassembling and boxing their bike for the duration of the train ride.

Local trains, such as Metro-North, might accept roll-on service; please check with the local transit authority for rules regarding bicycles on trains.

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